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Mod!Stuff & The Smallville 0T3 Christmas Cracker

I was wondering if there was anyone out there willing to co-mod this community with me. I feel that I've neglected this community too long as I have several others under my belt and would like for someone else to help me give it the attention it deserves. If anyone's interested PM me and I'll sort you out with all the relevant access.


Speaking of! I would like to announce...

The First Annual Smallville OT3 Secret Santa!Fic Exchange.

Sign ups begin now and continue through until 14th November 2008.

1st draft of your assignment is due 10th December 2008. It must have been beta'd at least once. That way we can tell who needs help and it'll give us enough time to actually help you.

The final deadline is 22nd December 2008.

This exchange is ANONYMOUS. Therefore all entries should be sent to me, I will post them through the duration of 22nd to the 24th with the reveal on the 25th.

The minimum word limit is 1,000 words.

For this exchange the pairing must be Clark/Lois/Ollie

Entrants if you could fill out the following, I would be much obliged;

Name: (and/or LJ username)

Things you will write:
Things you will not write:
The highest rating you are willing to write:

Are you willing to pinch hit for this exchange:

Things you will read:
Things you will not read:
Prompts/Scenarios: (Optional)
The highest rating you are willing to recieve:

(*As of 22nd December 2008 -- If we do this properly, under 18's can't recieve/write a NC-17 if they are not 18 before the date)
All entrants will be sent a confirmation of entry e-mail which you must reply to otherwise you will not be considered as entered.

I would like to point out, if there are not enough entrants this exchange will NOT run.


For those of you who aren't writers you can be betas. There will be a seperate post for those who are willing to help out those of us who are grammatically challenged. Therefore because this is an official exchange I must remind and insist that all entries must be beta'd at least once.
Tags: !mod_post, fic exchange: 2008, fic exchange: christmas cracker, fic exchange: entry post, fiction

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